Said Rahim


My name is Said Rahim, I am 19 years old and I come from Laghman in Afghanistan.I left my country a year ago. I walked across Iran, by the mountains, then I crossed Turkey and Bulgaria. I wanted to come to a country where I would be safe because my life was constantly in danger at home. My father is dead but my mother and my little brother stayed there. I did not have a life there, I was in constant fear for my life. I would love so much to have a quiet life here. Ideally I would like to study. But if this is not possible, I would be very happy to find a job. It is very hard when you do not speak the language. I have been living in the bunker for a year and I actually learned another Afghan language here, Dari. I got a F permit, but I am terrified the government will take it from me and send me back.If I have to go back it is certain I will die there.